Reevaluate Your Beneficiary Designations

Hello from Sycamore,

Are your beneficiary designations current?

Over time, events may arise that necessitate a change in beneficiary information for your qualified & taxable brokerage accounts. It’s important to periodically check the beneficiary status of your investment accounts. Accounts that are lacking beneficiary information, or contain information that is not up to date, could create an issue for your survivors. It’s important to note that a beneficiary change to an account will only affect that account. Should you have multiple accounts (including 401(k)’s, life insurance policies, annuities, etc. from other vendors), you will need to update each one individually.  If you feel changes may be needed or are uncertain of your current beneficiary selection feel free to contact us.

If your accounts are held with Folio investments, you can check your beneficiary designations by logging in and selecting account settings then either the – ‘TOD beneficiary’ on taxable accounts or ‘beneficiary’ for IRA type accounts – section of each separate account.

Thanks for your business and trust,

Sycamore Financial Group