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Sycamore Financial Group, Trusted Since 1983

Sycamore Financial Group is an independently owned and operated regional financial services corporation. Our core values are integrity, trust, and education. Our mission is to build, protect, and grow our clients’ wealth over the long term through sound planning and disciplined investment management and to guild our clients toward achieving a financially sound and enjoyable retirement.

Schedule an AppointmentWe have the independence to provide our clients with objective and unbiased planning while upholding the highest standards of trust throughout the investment process. Sycamore Financial Group was established in 1983, and has grown to include four locations: Kokomo, Anderson, and Bloomington, Indiana along with Syracuse, New York.

Kathryn Carter
Kathryn CarterData & Performance Mgmt.
Kathryn has been located in our Kokomo, Indiana office for 18 years. She can help you with pension distributions or other account information.
Karen Conrad
Karen ConradRegister Assistant
Karen is located at the Anderson, IN branch office. Karen has 46 yrs of investment experience and 38 years with Sycamore Financial Group.
Anita Faulkner
Anita FaulknerVice President, Principal
Anita is located at the Bloomington, IN main office. Anita has 43 years of investment experience and 36 years with Sycamore Financial Group.
Allison Rumschik, CFP®
Allison Rumschik, CFP®Investment Adviser, Principal
Allison is an Investment Adviser and Securities Principal located in our Syracuse, New York office. She has 18 years of experience in the securities industry.
Adrianna Nojaim
Adrianna NojaimAdviser in Training
Adrianna is a new team member at our Syracuse, New York office. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance & Analytics and recently received her MBA.
Craig Smith, CFP®
Craig Smith, CFP®President, Principal
Craig is the founder and located at the Kokomo office. Craig has 50 years of financial business experience and 41 years with Sycamore Financial Group.
Brent Yard, CFP®
Brent Yard, CFP®Investment Adviser
Brent is an Investment Adviser with Sycamore and is located at our Kokomo office for 7 years. Brent recently graduated with a degree in business.

At Sycamore Financial Group, we strive to provide financial analysis to each of our client’s unique needs. As an independent firm, U.S. Financial Services, Inc. has none of its own financial products to sell, therefore clients receive objective advice. Our recommendations are based on what is most appropriate for our clients after listening and evaluating their needs and goals.

As a Registered Investment Adviser, we are dedicated to personalized service with uncompromising integrity. Our focus is on comprehensive, tax-advantaged strategies that provide sound preservation of capital, grow income and seek to increase returns with reduced risk.

Our unique approach to investing is firmly grounded in uncompromising financial and economic principles. We believe that every investor should understand and feel confident about their investment approach.