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While most investors would agree that performance is the overriding factor when assessing investment managers, other factors that deserve equal attention are the assessments. A close examination of these additional factors can provide a true forward-looking assessment of the advisor’s competence and ability. Some of the most important aspects of management performance are Philosophy, Process, and People.


A critical and close examination of the manager’s overall investment philosophy should be paramount in assessing the investment firm. Investment styles go in and out of favor (i.e., growth vs. value), but the consistency of the advisor’s philosophy and focus should be a stringent requirement in assessing the advisor’s integrity and soundness.

Sycamore Financial Group builds tax-efficient diversified Growth and Income portfolios through the purchase of top-quality companies. Our philosophy is:

  • Buy right the first time, and hold securities as companies grow
  • Control risk with diversified portfolios of 50-100 securities
  • Downside protection is paramount
  • Keep the decision-making process nimble and streamlined
  • 100% in-house bottom-up, fundamental research


Sycamore Financial Group has delivered results to clients for over 25 years. We have a disciplined, quantitative approach that has been consistently applied since the Growth and Income strategy’s inception in 1996.

Sycamore looks for opportunities in companies with 10 years or more of fundamental data using our own proprietary criteria and formulas. We get names from the numbers, not the headlines.

Qualitative information is checked before adding the investment to Sycamore’s internal database. We want to know where profits will be coming from in future years, and screen out any companies with volatile sources of revenue.

We have a multi-step database process driven by proprietary screens and evaluations of prospects. All Portfolio Managers participate in the analysis of companies. Sycamore invests in common stock and some ADRs. Portfolios are fully invested in stocks; we do not believe in timing the market.


Sycamore Financial Group has experienced professionals providing the highest levels of performance and services to clients. Six dedicated and experienced employees provide personalized client contact, continuity, and portfolios that are customized to client needs. The remarkable tenure of Sycamore’s professionals in operations also adds real value to client portfolios. Clients of Sycamore have relationships with people, not departments.

Schedule An Appointment at Sycamore Financial GroupOur experienced team, with an average of 30 years of industry practice, has provided continuous management from the home office in Kokomo, Indiana. The Growth and Income strategy has been managed by the same Portfolio Manager since its inception in 1996:

  • Craig Smith: CFP, President, Founder; 50 years of experience
  • Anita Faulkner: Vice President, Principal; 43 years of experience
  • Karen Conrad: Registered Agent, Operations; 46 years of experience
  • Kathryn Carter: Data & Performance Mgmt.; 18 years of experience
  • Allison Rumschik: Investment Adviser, Principal; 18 years of experience
  • Brent Yard, CFP®: Investment Adviser; 7 years of experience
  • Adrianna Nojaim: Adviser in Training; Latest team member